Friday, November 25, 2011

Dreaming of an Awkward Color

I love this Neon Yellow-Green.

I love it as an accent against black
(as shown in this MZ Wallace photo). . .

. . .and with white and neutrals
(like with this Kate Spade satchel below).

I think the black, shades of grey and my neon-awkward color look best on fair skin.

I love it also as a surprise color
(classic wallet and then Boom!).

I prefer the neon but a bold yellow is also nice.

And this Lanvin bag in yellow and tan with a shoulder bow is making me weep with joy. I'm not even a bow girl but I think the irreverent color combination toughens it up.

In reality this color doesn't suit me (unless you're the Lanvin Bag and then I promise you suit me very well). So I think I'll order these socks from We Love Colors so I can enjoy just a hint of it.

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