Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dreaming of Tailored Trousers and Ties

I love a beautiful woman in menswear.
OK, I know Christopher Walken isn't a beautiful woman, but I would love to wear his ensemble.

I have attempted menswear many times over the years and I always seen to forget my tie clip.

I love that a strong jacket, shirt and pant
can make a woman feel powerful. . .

. . . or adorable.

I think next I need to experiment with black, red and white.

I love Winona in black on black
with touches of Victorian charm.

In all honesty I was skeptical about Rachel Zoe's line,
but she had some amazing pieces, like this red tuxedo.

I still think about this story from W in 2009.
This white YSL suit is a dream come true.

This winter all I want to wear are suits and trousers and I think I'll just let Elizabeth Peyton be my guide.

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