Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dreamiest Party of the Week

I thought I was planning a surprise party
for my 3 dear friends last night
but my family/friends turned it around
and surprised me with a party.

One of my gifts was a handsome man in uniform.

Don't worry, his gorgeous girlfriend was close by.

Remember these Beautiful Ones?

My mom was out of town but she sent
her famous Chocolate Cake as one of my presents.

My night would have been complete just
being surrounded by these people:

But there was more.

Another surprise that I would have never guessed.

Until I did.

And it blew my mind.

The one item from the Missoni for Target collection I coveted but didn't dare think I would ever own.

Now I might be able to start creating
My Dream Bike fantasy after all.

Thank you dear friends for the perfect taco party surprise birthday fiesta one could ever hope for.

1 comment:

  1. sighs, rainbows, butterflies.

    your life's a dream, lady. glad i get to be in it.