Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dream Necklaces

There are two necklaces that I discovered and fell in love with in the first few months of 2009.

Both could not be more different.

The first is an opulent work of art.
January 2009, I went to London to spend New Year's Eve with Mitch and Niall. I spied this when walking in Mitch's old neighborhood in Islington sitting in the center of a tiny jewelry store and my heart skipped a beat. I quickly went in, took the shop's card and wrote the name of the designer on the back. To my horror I lost the card and could not remember the designer's name for the life of me. Being a wonderful friend Mitch tracked down the unnamed store and emailed me the designer's name so I would never lose it again. Isn't that a nice story? Hmmm, maybe it would be an even better story if I ended up buying it. But I haven't bought it. Yet.
Sheena Bulsara is the talented lady behind this creation.

The second dream necklace was discovered during a press tour at Bernardaud. I was meant to be looking at the new china collection for the season when I saw this beauty sitting in a corner being ignored completely. I fell in love. For Ever.
I try not to be such a sappy, obvious girl but I think it's OK to love this one because there's something sad in the black heart that needs to be locked away. Plus the black and gold is just wicked awesome.

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