Friday, November 4, 2011

Dreaming of an Illuminated Path . . .

. . . An illuminated path lit by dream candles.

When I worked at Modern Bride I always pitched ideas that were a little on the macabre side and I was usually shot down.

A favorite that I still dream of was this candle:
In my head ALL brides want to play off the riff 'to love and to cherish 'till death do us part.'

They disagreed.
But what do I know -- I've only been a bride in magazines.

Thank goodness they didn't pass on my idea to use these carved candles from et al designs:

Of course I had to use them in white.
How amazing would it be to have all these in black?
At least I got to keep the white candles after we shot them.

Why do I have candles on the mind?
I just got the limited edition Elton John Holiday candle from Nest. And it is making me delirious.
It smells like Christmas. In London.
Walking through Hyde Park. At Sunset.
In other words, it smells like heaven and I want to live inside it.

It reminds me of Archipelago's come-hither Black Forest candle, which I keep hidden in my room waiting for a special occasion to burn (hmmm, I might need a few more).

Speaking of a seductive candle, Occulter has a Morrissey effigy that I am dying to own! [Insert pun about a light that never goes out.]

One more provocative candle that I would be very happy to own is Diptyque's John Galliano candle. The first time I smelt it I thought it was so-so, then it grew on me and then I genuinely loved it.

Voluspa has a candle named Laguna that I covet and NOT just because it is where I grew up. It smells like gardenias. On a sunny day. In a park. Overlooking the sea. In other words, my other heaven.

Last on my I-Need-This-Now List, is this perfect candle by West Third called 'Belgium Linen.' I've never been to Belgium but if their linens indeed smell like this then it's my new favorite country. It's a light, clean, country cotton smell.

Every time I smell it I go to this place:

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