Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dream Movie on a Dream Woman

I would say as far as ecumenical agreements go,
Carine Roitfeld is the sexiest,

most interesting ex-editor,
fashion-world figure we have.
She's intimidating but not icy cold
(unlike You Know Who in America).
Chic without being over-the-top clownish
(unlike You Know Who in Italy).

She has a way of making you covet things
you know you can't pull off.
Maybe I could wear these Current/Elliott jeans alright.
But most likely they would be a huge mistake.

W made all my dreams come true when they made a movie with Carine, showcasing her new role in couture as a client, called . . . Carine Roitfeld: The Client.

And there's that White Dress I dream of . . .

I can't stop watching it.

Here are a few lovelies from the film's Photo Shoot:

Thank goodness she edited/wrote A Book for us to indulge in when we miss the good old days when she reined at French Vogue.

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  1. Thanks very much for linking to me! You are so right, Carine is the ultimate.